Welcome to Belowdex!

ShipShape Technology

Step onto your boat and with a single scan LOCATE within seconds, all mandatory SAFETY equipment in accordance to local marine laws along with other equipment you require.

Trust but VERIFY!
BELOWDEX display's all items as they are located with RF Technology - which means NO batteries!. When all items are located, receive the "SUCCESSFULLY VALIDATED" confirmation, and within seconds, you can be on your way.

Took your multipurpose tool off the boat? Think you brought it in to your house? Simply walk around your home and BELOWDEX will help you pinpoint it's exact location.

Are you aware that it is required by law to have a float plan?  As an additional feature, BELOWDEX creates it automatically at each cruise, and emails it to your contact. Plus, BELOWDEX displays proof of date of last scan, time, and detailed list (with expiry dates) of your law abiding boat.