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Included in your package:

Belowdex Antenna and a total of 55 rugged tags; which includes:

1. Tags to meet US Coast Guard  and US State mandatory equipment regulations. Canadian customers will receive tags that meet Transport Canada mandatory equipment regulations.

2. Tags for US Coast Guard recommended and Power & Sail recommended equipment.

Remember, the tags contain no batteries!

Package includes a combination of rugged tags - on some equipment it is more advantageous to attach by hanging (such as fire extinguishers and throw-lines), and some equipment requires a small, highly durable peel and stick tag for life jackets and spare parts. The tags are extremely thin, yet can stand up under the harshest conditions.

Note: We recommended this package for extended voyages over large bodies of water when your yacht is smaller than 65 ft.

*Phone not Included

** IOS 9.0 and above. Android coming soon.